remember how perfectly imperfect you are

hi i'm lola, i live a jennifer lawrence appreciation life ♥

i post a lot of glee, klaine, jennifer, darren criss and flawless bitches who ruin my life

i'm convinced i was a gay man in another life.

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that feeling you get when someone you absolutely hate is loved by literally everyone for reasons beyond your fucking imagination.

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tonight, we are young so lets

read homosexual fanfiction and cry over band members and drown our faces into buckets of food and watch tv shows and then have breakdowns over fictional characters and hyperventilate over 30 year old actors who are hotter

than the sun

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“Amy’s time…”

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though i’ve travelled a million miles, you’re the only thing that makes me smile

ohmygodstopit asked for kurt & blaine being schmoopy and eating candy floss at a theme park! this is more like a fair or something, oops, but still hope you like it bb! :x click for much nicer hq ♥

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